(F) Rickshaw Speeder

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(F) Rickshaw Speeder

Postby Gerry Bullock » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:05 pm

I'm currently building a Rickshaw Speeder from an idea developed by Les Coleman and seen most recently at ExpoNG running on Pinchingfield.
This Indian Plastic Toy is a tad large across the beam but looks fine in the "anything goes" :twisted:, well almost, world of Gn15.
This photo shows the current status of the build:

I'm afraid that's the only photo of the beast and I no longer own the Speeder.
I used a Bec-Kits Tram power unit 'cos it's cheap :wink: has weight (a tad under 2oz) and runs well. :)
Have just finished the underframe - doesn't show in photo - which will be painted tomorrow.
Many of these way out Speeders exist on NG systems so whose to say there isn't a Rickshaw Proto out there somewhere :lol:
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