A brace of Bagnalls

For discussion of the issues faced when building a model or layout - how to replicate wood, what glues to use, exactly how much weathering can a Gnat take, a good source of detailing accessories - you get the picture, I'm sure.

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Re: A brace of Bagnalls

Postby Brack » Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:02 am

stunningly done. the finish on the cheaper 3D materials is not ideal, so I shy away from it and use FUD on my stuff in O9, but 1:24 is approx 8 x the volume and therefore cost of 1:43.5, so the cheaper materials become more practical!

Having said that, I haven't built anything, be it plastic, whitemetal or brass, which didn't need a bit of filling, smoothing or fettling to get the surface detailing right or the parts to fit, 3D prints just take a bit more surface finishing, but at least your main superstructure is straight, square and accurate. Steve's work shows just how much a bit of pipework and detailing can elevate the base model.

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Postby DuffieldBank » Sat Feb 13, 2016 4:10 pm

Steve Holland wrote:It was b****y cold in the garage, but at last I have got the airbrush out and got some paint on the Bagnalls. This is the initial paint job and will be followed up by some light weathering once the plumbing has been added with some copper wire.
In the best tradition of works photographs the pair are posing 'rods down' outside the loco shed.


That photo has the makings of a nice scene. Must get the some paint on the loco shed and fit the doors - and lay some track and...... :)

Steve, while I love the Bagnalls, could you please tell me more about that BAGULEY? It is one of the best I've seen.


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