Stockers 32mm in the garden

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Stockers 32mm in the garden

Postby chris stockdale » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:56 pm

Reinstating another lost thread.

Harvey Watkins, who produced some delightful 7/8ths models based on Roundhouse components before anno domini began to catch up with him, has a simple, fairly circular line not far from the Perrygrove Railway.

I have yet to visit but certainly the simplicity of 'watching the trains go by' impacted my thinking when it came to creating my own 32mm line in a corner of the vast ( :roll: ) Stockers Estate.

Fortunately the ground falls away at the end of the garden, making it easy, with some extra spadework, to create an operating well that leaves the railway at waist height.




The track plan is simple


but that 5" gauge as shown is now of course to be widened to take the 7 1/4" Pell Wall Agricultural Tramway.

Then it's time to start smothering it all with weed proof membrane and covering that with slate waste.



Throw in a 1/6 scale loco with Indiana Jones at the helm and some suitable Egyptian artefacts on board plus a few specimen pines growing up through the slate waste


Months of cold miserable weather have meant that it still isn't finished from last autumn. But things do seem to be about to improve... (I hope I haven't spoken too soon :evil: ).

The final thing to be mentioned for now is that there will be no buildings. Thus any scale can be run without things, hopefully, looking out of kilter in their surroundings. In my case that is the 1/6 scale seen plus a small live steamer adapted to 1/12 scale with a couple of wagons and a 'director's' carriage.


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Postby demaine22 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:42 pm

Lovely stuff Stockers!

I like your idea of not having buildings to allow multiple scales, although you could always make buildings within similar footprints in the future if you felt the layout was sparse :)
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