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1/16 Diorama Backyard Hospital Supply Railway Lainz-inspired

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:28 pm
by mad gerald
Happy new year, everyone ...

As it seems I'm tending to be easily distracted from my stuff (and attracted by new projetcs), instead of finishing some of my humble modelling attempts, apart from the permanent lack of time and space (and periodical occurence of problems with my thumbs joints), I came to the conclusion to combine all my little projects and build a kinda "minimal layout" in 1/16 scale. I have the idea in mind of a scene, representing the backyard of a hospital with a supply railway, comparable to a layout built by Ian Campbell years ago: Potter & Klayman (please scroll halfway down) ... or have a look here:


This loose arrangement of semi finished (or just started) modelling objects consist of a circular testdrive (gauges 16,5 mm and 26,7 mm), a piece of track (gauge 26,7 mm), a card board mock up of some building's backsides, the CAT-style forklift truck (still under construction), a former test chassis from styrene representing a waggon and the reference guy in 1/16 scale.

I'm not quite sure, if the layout will finally have a circular track.

In case of interest please feel free to make any input/suggestions -would be very much appreciated.

Planning or building progress respectively will be reported as well on my blog, now mainly focussed on 1/16 scale modelling ...

Recently I started to create a mock up of an rail tractor from card board, even smaller than the CAT rail tractor, which has been heavily inspired by an ASEA storage battery locomotive (Lok 23) of the Frövi Maskin & Bruksbanemuseum (at this point, I'd like to thank my modelling friend Henrik :wink: ). I did not finish it as it appeared too bulky (not to say ugly) to me, but I thought the chassis looked very pleasing and could be useful to build a matching kinda “modern” Feldbahn wagon. So I created this mock up of a bulkhead flat car, whose platform has the dimensions (in scale) of an Euro-palette (1200 x 800 mm).




I’m gonna use 1/22,5 scale Feldbahn wheels which have mainly the dimensions of the ones used on the wagons former running at the hospital supply railway in Lainz/Vienna. As the gauge in Lainz (500 mm) is close enough to my prototype gauge (430 mm), I decided spontaneously to build the backyard of a hospital with supply railway instead of a workshop backyard. To give you an impression what I have in mind or how the “backyard” of a hospital may look like respectively (example Lainz/Vienna):

Linked from Author and owner of Copyright: User NVO

The orange colour I chose is in accordance with the colour used in Lainz on the Struppe Akkuloks and wagons. The transportation purpose of my tiny hospital supply railway layout will not be the distribution of meals, but the transport of laundry and supply goods. Regarding the small dimensions of rail tractor and wagons, the operation of the railway can take place in the basement of the hospital buildings as well. Indoor operating hospital supply railways did exist in the past in a few places, IIRC the Hôpital St. Jean-de-Dieu in Montréal and eventually the Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur too was/were among them IIRC …

... umm, well, to get a little more serious ...

To get a vague idea regarding the dimensions, I chose a square piece of cardboard measuring 40 x 40 cm, which eventually has to be enlarged a few centimeters. On it I glued the shape of an a circular track with a diameter of 30 cm, as well as a diagonal arranged piece of (more or less) straight track, each one printed simply on paper. The building mock up itself is made from cardboard with brick wallpaper (brick laying enthusiast may look away ;)) ... and it is huuuuuuge in 1/16 scale - even it's not a whole building. This diorama corresponds with the above mentiones scene, where the meal containers are loaded to the wagons of the supply railway.

The circular track (not sure, if it will be still a circle in the final diorama) is not visible and recognizable as a full track because of several buildings covering/hiding the track (supply railway ist running indoors in that sections).

Even this diorama is not going to be a copy fully true to the original supply railway in Lainz, it is heavily inspired by it. Therefore I guess I have to think about another storage battery locomotive or storage battery rail tractor respectively, showing basic elements of a Struppe Akkulok or an AEG Akkulok.





Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:17 pm
by Simon Andrews
Nice idea :D


Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:08 am
by Willow Creek Traction
Looks like an idea that will fly.
Now, we're all waiting for the how-to on scratchbuilding the retractable sweepers on locomotive pilot.

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:51 pm
by mad gerald
Willow Creek Traction wrote: ... Now, we're all waiting for the how-to on scratchbuilding the retractable sweepers on locomotive pilot ...

...sorry in case of disappointing you, Forrest, but this is going only to be a "look-a-like", so there only will be similar buildings and rolling stock - unfortunately no retractable sweepers ... :?

... and sorry again for editing this the next day, as it seems I lost overview and made an almost identical posting again ...

Interested in more ... ? ... take a look here ...