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can't see topics? use instead of

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:17 pm
by henrix72se
what has happen is that the address does no longer work as it should !! (menus works, but not threads).

instead start with and voila, back to normal .. :)

note the difference in above addresses. The word forum should be at the end instead of before. In computer lingo, the sub-domain has changed into a folder instead.. Strangely enough I found notes about this dated back at 2014-12-08 .. so during a period both starts for the site must have been active .. and just recently the first link above got "partly" broken in the sense that view-topic no longer works ..


ps! this is a copy of a previous message for those who only knows about the first address above. Hopefully they at least see the title to this thread.