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2013 pizza challenge

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:01 am
by Adrian
G'day folks
Here as promised is the thread for the contestants of this challenge to display their layouts.
This should be ONLY used by the people who have actually built a layout to showcase their wares.
For any questions use the thread "A Gn15 LAYOUT SNOWFLAKE CHALLENGE" please.
Each entry should have the following……
1) The title/name of the layout.
2) Up to three photos (preferably hosted at complete with captions if required.
3) A short description with a maximum of 500 words.
4) A link to the build thread, if there is one.
This thread will close on the 10 December.

A new poll will then be opened for the actual voting, to be closed on new year’s eve.

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:31 am
by Adrian
Lodestone Island.

An overall view of the island showing the extensive engineering and office buildings.

A shot of the landing dock with just a small glimpse of the submarine and the world famous penguins.

This secret volcanic island is hidden somewhere in the oceans of the southern hemisphere of earth.

It is the secret headquarters of the seafaring hero of the seven seas, ‘Nero’.

The island is unusual in being composed mainly of lodestone. It is of such high quality that Nero first mines it and then refines it, to manufacture high class compass needles. Because of their superb quality they have captured the market and Nero has made his, not insubstantial, fortune.

Nero has a small secret submarine called “Naughty Lass” which is powered from radiated moon energy and so can remain at sea for just under a lunar month, just having to come to shore during the new moon for restocking with peanut butter (Nero’s favorite cuisine)

Nero, when not actually mining his lodestone, spend time feeding and training his penguins, who are world famous.

The island is so far south that it always has some snow on it, even at the height of its short summer. Nero Hero wishes it was a little warmer but values its secrecy.

Nero has a small railway, 15 inch gauge, that runs around the habitable parts of the island and consists of an eclectic range of equipment, most of it heavily modified in the on-island workshops. This is used to transport ‘things’ from the mine to the wharf and to the workshops. Nero also uses it to go for joy rides when he feels like it. After all “all work and no play makes Jack (Nero) a dull boy”.

The manufacturing plant near the dock area is used to manufacture all sorts of ‘secret’ things that Nero is unable to purchase on eBay.

Nero supplements his fortune made from the mine with trips to the local oyster bed where he harvests the oysters for both their pearls and their flesh.

Any further details can be found at:


Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:57 am
by cjwalas
The Railway in its entirety;
Bigfoot quietly working on his model of the BSER;
Just a bit of the "climbway";

Perched high atop Mt. Hooey, the railway provides paying customers with a revolving 360 degree view of the entire Mt. Hooey area, where Bigfoot is seen abundantly. Conditions on the BSER are rugged and cold and only the strong are invited to participate. The revenue cars are rented at varying rates, according to the comfort level (or lack thereof). Unfortunately for patrons, the best view of Bigfoot lies just out of sight directly below them where the hairy fellow makes his home in a cave. He enjoys numerous hobbies, especially his Gn15 RR layouts. At present he is well underway on his model of the BSER itself. He hopes to enter it in a pizza layout challenge, actually.
The climb up to the track is particularly precarious and numerous warning signs protect the owner from legal action. Other than the bitter cold, snow, wind, bad accommodations, generally uncomfortable ride and the continual threat of a horrible death by plummeting, life is good on the railway and it thrives on a never-ending host of Bigfoot believers.

More info to be found here;

Thanks for viewing!