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Bangers and MASH

Postby rue_d_etropal » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:23 am

My new project, not minimum gauge or 1/24, but 1/32(1/35th) scale .
Initially I hoped to recycle this old layout, originally built to test out my first Gn15 models, but eventually shown in 1/12th scale mode

I had already split it up with the loop on one section, but when I came to try out my locos they objected to the plaster infill, so will probable use some 3D printed track.

Intending to build in 2 sections , each only 2ft by 18in. One section will house a new loop section(hope to reuse the points though) as a station area, and the other will have a simple curve and point(junction). This will also include a 3D printed bridge section.
The 'station' module will use some kits based on the film and TV series for MASH, and the other module will be jungle and use the Airfix bamboo building. I have loads of trees from magazine series, so most will be jungle.
Trying to source some suitable civilian figures at the moment. Not the end of the world if I don't find any. The jungle scene is probably filled with invisible armed combatants. The original MASH story was based on Korea, but deliberately mixed it up with the politics of the time and the final years of Vietnam, so I am being a bit flexible on period and location. I think there have also been some questions on authenticity of the helicopter used in the kit.

The rail vehicles are definitely more 1/32 than 1/35, and the MASH kits are 1/35, but will be in background. Being 1/32, gauge would then be 50cm, so starting to border on minimum gauge possibly.
Simon Dawson
(Simon D.),
Narrow gauge Francophile interested in 1m, 60cm,50cm , 40cm and smaller gauges . Build in scales from 1/6th to 1/24th. Also 1/32nd and 1/35th using 16.5mm track to represent 50cm and 60cm gauges.

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