Interesting and Odd prototype inspiration

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Interesting and Odd prototype inspiration

Postby csundstr » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:39 am

The City of Vancouver photo archives include an incredible series of photos showing the construction of the Buntzen Lake and Coquitlam Lake dams and the Buntzen Power Station between 1902 and 1914. You can search for the entire series at:

Here are some images I found inspiring or just plain odd:

Yes, let's just put a 600 VDC overhead electric railway on a floating raft of logs instead of a bridge! No Health & Safety Executive here!

Let's do it again!! (Shown before the electric was installed - compressed air locomotives were used for initial construction).

And how about a third time! A floating end to a jetty this time. Note the flipped over flatcar in the right foreground and the locomotive and car in the background.
And another view of the buildings in the previous photo.

And for some very interesting track work...two inclines coming together and then diverging again...two frogs but that is NOT a double slip turnout. The track running perpendicular to the junction uses removable rails to span the gap...and those rails are also the moving rails of a stub turnout. Go ahead...model this and see how many people try to tell you they wouldn't do this in real life!!
Note that the steam winch is about to pull itself up the right hand incline. The winch (and several sleds visible in other images) has grooved sled runners to run over the rails.

Bring lots of food and drink when you start searching this archive...there are hundreds of photos in high resolution to view!


Chris Sundstrom
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Re: Interesting and Odd prototype inspiration

Postby Jon Randall » Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:10 am

Looks smart, thanks Chris for sharing
Jon Randall

Needs to stop procrastinating and start modelling

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