(F) OO9 Locos

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(F) OO9 Locos

Postby KeithB » Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:34 pm

Does anyone know a source of OO9 British outline small diesel/petrol locos? Either R-T-R (preferred) or simple kits.

Question is from a modelling colleague in Canada who doesn't have Internet access.

He is aware of the Nigel Lawton Simplex kit.

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Postby Adrian » Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:09 am

G'day Keith


This is a 009 model Lister from RT Models. It still needs its bonnet and seat etc to be added. Very small white metal kit ( but power bogie should NOT be run on more than 4.5 volts ). He has 2 other locos .... 0-6-0's with a much larger bodies and 12 volt motors. He also has a range of wagons.
He also produces some 7mm (0 scale) stuff.

Their address:
RT Models
141 Wenlock Road
United Kingdom

Their web and email:

Hope that this is of some help
Adrian Hoad
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Postby MickT » Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:33 am

Bearing in mind that the person referred to does not have internet access, then I think making contact with Parkside Dundas would be a sensible way forward, as they stock a great variety of most of what is currently available in the world of 009.

It should also be advised that 009 also depends quite heavily on N gauge components - particularly loco chassis, so becoming familiar with contemporary N gauge stock is advantageous. The Kato 11-103 tram chassis and the Bachmann "MDT" 6 wheel Plymouth diesel are both cheap and very reliable chassis that are often used as power units by starters in 009

Parkside Dundas is at:

Millie Street

Telephone & Fax: +44 1592 640896

Website if access does become possible: www.parksidedundas.co.uk
email: sales@parksidedundas.co.uk

They have a very comprehensive catalogue and both their helpful response and mail order service are renowned. Andrew Hastie, one of the two proprietors of the firm, has been a member of the 009 Society since its foundation and is very knowledgeable about the hobby.


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