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November 1949 MR "Sound - A New Challenge"

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:03 am
by Willow Creek Traction
Sunday afternoon at our model RR club I had the impulse to pull out a binder of 1940s and 1950s Model Railroader magazines. There is something way, way, cool every 5th to 10th page.

November 1949 issue editorial on page 17, by John Page, "Sound - A New Challenge"
Used my camera to take a 'spy shot' of the page, and the last paragraph, to save it for my reference.
"Good railroad sound effects would be a fascinating auxiliary to any pike. If they are possible at moderate cost, the time may come when a "silent" pike will be as outdated and "flat" as the silent movie today. But if sound is worth having at all, it's worth doing right, and that's going to take suitable recordings and more "know-how" on the subject than we have at present.
Who has more ideas to keep the ball rolling?"

Interesting, development of the feature was being plotted over six decades back.

Also on page was commentary on standardizing couplers at that time and why it was not yet time in the history of coupler development to do so. Author was of a mind that universal acceptance by modelers of a future coupler was what should be the agency which set that eventual standard.