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New Gn15 Facebook group Gn15 railway modellers

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:56 am
by NotHarryPotter
Bob Hughes has started a new Gn15 facebook group called Gn15 railway modellers.

The group address is

Here is the outline of what the group covers: G scale ultra narrow gauge railway modelling only please, that's anything from 1:29 through to 1:22.5 (G being a bit vague) so we can include Gn18, Gn20 and other similar variations. We are primarily a Gn15 group (using HO track) but also happy to accept Gnine modellers (using N track) of course.There are existing groups for other modelling genres and we are not trying to poach their traffic. No buy/sell, that's also catered for amply elsewhere. Other than that, as any Gn15 modeller knows, this is for fun. We do not do deadly serious in this scale/gauge combo.

The group started tonight. Have a look if you like,
best regards
Geoff Potter