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"19 Months!Since My Last Visit?"V.Happy to be Back

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:26 pm
by gn15man
:D Hello To all Fellow Members from Norway,

Firstly I would like to thank Emrys, for helping to sort out my membership details,allowing me access to the forum once more.

It as being 19 months or so since I was last on the Gnatterbox
and believe me a heck of a lot of H2o as passed under the proverbial old bridge!The fact I am still here at all is nothing short of a
miracle ,that and a superb Norwegian health service!

In between my death defying feats..I have tried to keep my spirits up by totally absorbing myself in Model Railways?(Almost) to put this in some kind of context..For the best part of 50 years I have,to varying degrees lusted after my own First Class layout,but personal circumstances together with long term illness meant in the main that the Dream remained just that,a dream...

During my 12+ years in Norway (Married a wonderful Viking!)health as worsened,"just when you thought it could not possibly get any worse???" I suppose I have tried to compensate for my situation by day dreaming,which as led to the extraordinary and embarrassing situation that I have zoomed from one disaster to another! Modelling wise? I must have purchased just about every scale & gauge in the book From 00 to HO to sm32 to Gauge 0 to Spur 1, O16.5 and so on...Suffice to say it was in great part undertaken out of frustration! and massive over enthusiasm...Usually ending up being regretted and the items sold on ebay and the like, at a terrible financial loss...My wife despaired of me, it was crazy..but it was my way of coping with many things,

As it stands today I now own some rather nice European Spur1 from KM1 & Hubner(no layout!) and that's being the issue I am in no position to build anything,leading to the immense frustration I mentioned.Also it is very fair to mention that Spur 1 as superb as it is is not at all practical or affordable.

Okay so why am I sharing all this? well having looked at every form of railway Modelling..It really dawned on me that I need to do something sensible,make a final and binding modelling decision before it really was to late? by this I mean choose a scale and gauge and stick to it,not only that but I need to cut my cloth accordingly
money is finite and tied up in the SPUR1 and a nice collection of Railwayana mostly German signs & Plates but some Swiss badges e.t.c.

I first joined the Gnatterbox back in 2005 Emrys informs me,I wish now I had stayed put and put all my energies in to GN15 or similar scale & gauge,but that's history..

Now I am looking to sell the Spur 1 Items and some if not all of the Collectibles,therefore allowing me hopefully to pay someone to build for me a rather Nice Gn15 layout of moderate size and easily transported to Norway(may be able to find shipper to bring it here)

Anyway that is the plan,just thought I would let members know and should anyone be in a position to help..I would be eternally grateful.I have lots of ideas mainly gleaned from some of the superb layouts by Ian,Emrys,Christophe and Frank in France,Brian Fayle in Canada and so on..
Please accept my sincere apologies for this rather long post

Best wishes to everyone
Regards Steve

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:18 am
by chris stockdale
Hi again Steve,

Well, sounds like you've been through the mill. Thank goodness you made it back home to the Gnatterbox. :D

I've just been taking a look at some Spur 1 images. Nice, but of course one needs the space and money to really appreciate it.

As to getting a layout, whilst there may be one that comes up for sale who know quite when or how much such a beastie might be. And would it be to your taste? But there are also those folk who advertise in the likes of Railway Modeller who will build what you want to pretty much any gauge/scale. Have you considered that as an option?


Great to hear from you chris

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:40 am
by gn15man
:D Good day Chris,
Really nice to hear from you,much appreciated.

Yes its being one hell of a time,one thing after another,and if it was not for my dear put upon wife and my almost fanatasism! for Model Railways I know for sure I would not be here. Not at all easy to explain it's something you have to experience.

Re the Spur1:- I am advertising the Spur 1 stuff here in Norway but I do not hold much hope of selling the Norwegians are a very Norway centric modelling bunch (no offence).

Oh yes I have been down the Custom Builder Route. Far too expensive and few if any have good knowledge of Gn15 or similar.

and I would like it to be someone who as a real feel for Gn15 or associated scale/gauge e.t.c. and yes I would be willing to look at a preloved layout as long as it was of a good standard.

all the best Steve :D

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:07 pm
by fatmac
I think a lot of us been through the scale/gauges trials, I certainly have, but I now realise that whilst I like seeing trains run, at home, I just need to shunt a few wagons about, so I am building & playing with 'micros' now.

Hope you had more sence than me?

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:32 pm
by gn15man
:D hello dear friend,
many thanks for your reply...

I hope your journey through the different scales were less painful than mine,I am sure you must have had more sense than me.and can enjoy now your shunting.

best wishes Steve :D