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From doors to turntables

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:39 pm
by rue_d_etropal
Once I had seen the new door opening mechanism, I started thinking of other uses. The wagon turntable works fine for simple 90 degree movement, but to turn more, i think the door mechanism will work. I have done some designs for an adapter to fit between the mechanism, and the turntable base. It does need more depth, but nothing excessive.
My door opening mechanism turns longitudinal motion into rotational, the opposite of servos . The slack in my mechanism is not a problem, but but without some mod does not work as well from rotational to longitudinal. Mine can still do same job as what people use servos for though. servos only go though 90 degrees i think. It would need some extra links to move further, but mine will move through complete 360 degrees, so will move a turntable. A sector plate also can use same, but moves less far.

It is not that I am against electrics, but prefer simpler systems which are less prone to failure. It would be possible to add some form of electrical control, especially if it needs some form of auto control. I as thinking about this as there is an article in latest Continental Modeller about that railway in Thailand which goes through a street market. Someone has built a model, and used a heck of a lot of servos, and has plenty of spares just in case. I think one of my control sticks could operate several mechanisms no problem. Even sticking on a mini train running under would allow for auto operation, synchonised with main train running.

So a simple idea with I hope plenty of uses for modellers. Just waiting for more bits from Shapeways. Dela caused I think by one of my large control sticks, which probably uses one of the larger print machines and takes longer to finish all items.A bit frustrating when I can see the other items have finished.