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Boat kits?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:52 am
by rue_d_etropal
A few years ago there was a range of vac formed boat kits at about 1/24 scale. I have one on one of my APA box modules, and a second unmade. Unfortunately they are no longeravailable,
I was looking at the Amera website.They produce the vac formed bases for some of the Airfix kits, but I noticed they had some boats. The last one on the page is a fishing boat.None of them give a scale, and I suspect from dimensions that this is closer to 1/32scale, but a bigger cabin could easily be built. The hull is the difficult part.

I may get one for my 1/32 scale project, but wll keep and open mind.

Re: Boat kits?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:22 pm
by underworld
Micromark has a few 1/24 boats listed...but they aren't cheap. The least expensive one is a Chriscraft for $49.95USD
I'll keep looking around

Re: Boat kits?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:58 pm
by Mike Lee

Have you tried Cornwall Model Boats:

Re: Boat kits?

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:25 am
by rue_d_etropal
most of the boat kits require a lot of skill to build, one advantage of these and other vac formed kits. Just a pity the other manufacturer retired(he also was first to supply those fishermen figures somehave used in 1/12th scale, as I bought some not long before he retired). I think thete was a fishing boat in that range as well, but I always put ordering on off until it was too late. I would hope someone else is doing the range, but have not seen any reference to them.

found this photo showiung one of the day boats I used.