1/6th scale 'Super Nellie"

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1/6th scale 'Super Nellie"

Postby Mark Goodwin » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:30 am

Hi Fellow modellers,

For those of you who like large scale whimsical railways, Mike Rayner has just released a "Festival Coach" in 1/6th scale to match "Super Nellie". I'd love to build both in this large scale as those of us who still have their "Pedigree toys" "Tommy Gunns" or "Pailtoy" "Action men", or perhaps even a spare Ken or Barbie laying around, now you have a train in the same scale. However, I need to win a lottery of some sort due to the cost.
Here's a link to the Smallbrook website:
http://www.smallbrookstudio.co.uk/produ ... h/10854730

Best regards,

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