(M) Lasercut steel Switch Stands

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(M) Lasercut steel Switch Stands

Postby KEG » Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:25 am


These switch stands were were developed by a HO modeller some years ago, but we realized, they are almost in scale for 1 : 22, 5.


Harald Brosch lasers them in steel. The customer has to supply his own screws and nuts. there is no soldering necessary. I think, they are 7 Euro ea. Buy 10 you get them for 5,50 ea.

We use these on our modules. The advantage is, we can unhook the wire leading to the switch, so the lever lies flat on the ground during transportation. We use a thicker brass wire now and our turnout making talents have improved slightly meanwhile.

Have Fun

Juergen Zirner
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Postby Harald_Brosch » Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:44 pm

>>> I really like the turnout levers. But how can I contact Harald Brosch to buy some of them? <<<<

Moin / hello Daniel

Just try it with a simple mail to harald@williwinsen.de :D

Bye / tschuess / tot ziens

Harald Brosch

Lueneburger Strasse 43 - 21423 Winsen
email: harald@williwinsen.de

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