(M) Curley Spoke Wheels

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(M) Curley Spoke Wheels

Postby DCRfan » Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:34 am

I just received an order of a newly introduced curved spoke wheels made in NZ by North Yard. They are designed to represent 1:64 scale 20 inch dia Edgar Allen Cast Steel (Sheffield) wheels.

So what does that mean; 8mm dia plastic centre, blackened brass tyres to RP 25, code 88 profile. They are $NZ1.20 each part # 2163B per wheel. They are not mounted on axles as in typical NZ use they would have inside bearings.

The required axle is 1.2mm dia (North Yard brass 501.12 x 300 mm = $NZ0.90.

Email north.yard@xtra.co.nz. They do overseas orders and take credit cards. Mine were delivered 3 days after order.

I'm just a satisified customer.
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